Our Business Values

Being the Pulse of the Nation
Our bank from humble beginnings has become the pulse of every Sri Lankan by enhancing their living standard whilst supporting State endeavors and socio economic development considering the aspirations of the nation.

Customer Focus & Agility
We provide customized solutions to satisfy our customers always placing them at the centre of decision-making and striving to enhance value in our services. We are responsive and flexible to meet the unique needs of our customers by redefining ourselves to embrace change.

Integrity & Accountability
As a financial institute, Honesty and Righteousness have been our strengths, which have been preserved in our culture from our very establishment, and we pride being who we are. As a responsible and a dependable bank, we are liable to our key stakeholders for our conduct.

Continuous Learning Culture & Team Spirit
We seek to improve our knowledge base by enhancing the extrinsic knowledge, tracing and recording the tacit knowledge to improve our efficiency & effectiveness.
We believe in our people for our success and everyone working together for a common goal with team spirit.

Empowerment & Diversity
We empower our people and enable their creativity through innovative products, services & processes. We value our customers’ differences, understanding that diversity makes us even stronger.