Jaya Niwasa

For whom

  • For monthly salary earning employees of public and private sector
  • Professionals
  • Self employed individuals and businessmen
  • Sri Lankans employed abroad

For what

  • To purchase a land for residential purpose
  • Purchase of a House
  • Construction of a House
  • Repairs, renovations and additions

Maximum Amount

  • No upper Limit on Maximum Loan amount, up to 75% of
    - BOQ in constructing a house
    -Value in Purchasing of a land for residential purpose / purchasing of a house

Repayment period

  • Up to 05 years on personal guarantee
  • Up to a maximum period of 20 years on property mortgage


  • Up to Rs. 0.5 Mn - On personal guarantee
  • Above Rs. 0.5 Mn - Mortgage over land / House to be purchased / constructed.

Necessary Documents

  • Duly filled application form
  • Letter from employer confirming net salary (as per format available at branches)
  • Guarantor statements (If based on guarantee)
  • Salary particulars (including guarantors)
  • Income tax particulars of last 03 years
  • Last 06 months bank statements
  • Identity card or passport copies of applicant and guarantors
  • Details of bank accounts and facilities obtained
  • Business registration certificate
  • Last 03 years financial statements
  • Details of last 06 months sales and purchases

In addition to above, following legal documents should be submitted for loans on property Mortgage

  • Survey plan of property
  • Title deed
  • Certified extracts of last 25 years
  • Affidavits regarding land ceiling and land ownership
  • Street Line Certificate, Building Line Certificate and Non vesting Certificate obtained from local authority
  • Receipts on payment of taxes / rates.
  • Approved building plan
  • Bill of Quantity in case of Construction
  • In case of purchase of houses, consent letter from vendor stating agreed price and relevant affidavits

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