Investment Banking Unit
Initial Public Offerings

First offering of a firms stocks/shares on the stock market.

Right Issue

New stocks/shares offered to existing stock holders/share holders in proportion to their current share holdings at a specific price.

Listing Equity Placements

Private placement occurs when a company makes an offering of securities to an individual or a small group of investors.


An instrument which is used to borrow long term and medium term funds by a company.


  • HDFC Bank of Sri Lanka
    First secured housing sector debenture in Sri Lanka.

  • Kotagala Plantations PLC
    First credit enhanced plantation sector debenture in Sri Lanka.

  • People's Leasing & Finance PLC

  • Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC

  • Abans PLC
Commercial Paper

An unsecured short term debt instrument issued by a corporation at a discount at the prevailing market interest rates.


  • Peoples Leasing & Finance PLC
  • Abans Pvt Ltd
  • Softlogic Holdings
  • Hayleys PLC
  • Kotagala Plantation PLC
  • Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Peoples Merchant Finance
  • Singer Sri Lanka PLC

Transforming receivables into securities which may be traded latter in the open market.


  • Peoples Leasing & Finance PLC
Promissory Notes

A written, signed and unconditional promise to pay a certain amount of money on demand at a specified time.


  • Housing Development and Finance Corporation of Sri Lanka
Loan Syndication

Large loan arranged jointly by two or more financial institutions to lend to a single borrower.

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