Personal loans

Consumer loans are granted for housing purpose, education purpose, vehicle purchasing and for any other personal requirement on security of personal guarantee or mortgage of immovable or movable property, depending on your requirement and required amount.

  1. Housing loans
  2. Education loans
  3. Vehicle loans
  4. Any purpose loans

    • Gurusetha
    • Suwasewana
    • Loan scheme for government medical officers
    • Deya Viru Pranama
    • Pahasu Loan scheme
    • Loan scheme for professionals
    • Loan scheme for medial professio
  5. Swarna Pradeepa Pawning service

Personal Loans interest rates

Loan Scheme Interst Rate
Gurusetha 14.5% - 15.5%
Jayaniwasa 13.5% - 15.5%
Wisdom 14% - 15%
Professional 14%
Peoples Auto 15% - 15.5%
Pahasu 15% - 15.5%
Suwa Sewana 15.5% - 16.5%
GMOA 13.5% - 14%

Housing Loans

For whom?

To employees of government and private sector as well as self employed persons and businessmen to build their Dream Home.

For What?

To construct or purchase a home,

  • Purchase a land for to build up a house
  • Renovation, extension, repairs and electrification of existing house


Entirely depend upon your repayment ability. Building up cost of your Dream Home and security offered

Repayment period

Based on your requirement, capability and security offered, we consider maximum period of 20 years to construct or purchase houses, and 10 years to house repairs and renovations on mortgage of immovable property. In case of guarantors or any other security a maximum of 05 years are considered.

Interest rates

Very competitive interest rates are offered in par with prevailing market rates


Facilities are considered on personal guarantee for urgent requirements depending on amount and repayment term. In addition to that, loans with considerable amounts are considered on property Mortgage for long term periods.

Documents You need to submit

  • Duly filled application form (Available on our web site)
  • Letter from employer confirming net salary
  • Guarantor statements (If based on guarantee)
  • Salary particulars of guarantors
  • Income tax particulars of last 03 years
  • Last 06 months bank statements
  • Identity card or passport copies of applicant and guarantors
  • Details of bank accounts and facilities obtained
  • Business registration certificate
  • Last 03 years financial statements
  • Details of last 06 months sales and purchases

In addition to above, following legal documents should be submitted for loans on property Mortgage

  • Survey plan of property
  • Title deed
  • Certified extracts of last 25 years
  • Affidavits regarding land ceiling and land ownership
  • Street Line  Certificate, Building Line Certificate  and Non vesting Certificate obtained from local authority
  • Receipts on payment of taxes/ rates.  
  • Approved building plan and Bill of Quantity in case of building construction
  • In case of purchase of houses, consent letter from vendor stating agreed price and relevant affidavits

Educational loans

Facilities are considered for your local or foreign education needs to cover university fees, living and medical expenses, based on repayment ability, requirement and security offered

Vehicle Loans

Facilities are considered to purchase brand new vehicles as well as reconditioned or unregistered vehicles for personal use, with flexible repayment schedules and interest rates, tailor made to your unique requirements to enable you to have your dream vehicle

Any Purpose Loans

Based on flexible terms, to cater for urgent financial needs of you on lenient securities and with low competitive rates

Special Loan schemes

  • Gurusetha

    For whom

    • Teachers in government schools,
    • Government technical collages,
    • Teachers in approved private schools

    For what

    • Housing purpose
    • Any purpose
    • Education

  • Suwasewana

    For whom

    • Employees in government medical service and state ayurvedic sector in the position of
      • Nurses or of above grades including para medical service and midwife service
      • Employees in position of administrative and managerial service or above
      • Permanent employees of other grades

    • Employees in Sri Lanka Police, three forces, registered under Sri Lanka Medical Council

    For what

    • Any Purpose acceptable to the bank
  • Loan scheme for government medical officers

    For whom

    Government medical officers with membership of Government Medical Officer’s Association (GMOA) and Government Dental Surgeon’s Association (GDSA)

    For what

    • Housing purpose
    • Any other purpose acceptable
  • Deya Viru Pranama

    For whom

    Regular members of the three forces who are presently in service

    For what

    • Housing
    • Any Purpose
    • Consumption
      • Agricultural
      • Vehicle purchasing
      • Educational
  • Loan scheme for professionals

    For whom

    Employed professionals with fixed income

    Accountants / Finance Managers / Marketing Executives, Managers / Architects / Lecturers / Professors, Lawyers / Management Consultants / Engineers / IT Professional / Media Professionals, and any other recognized professionals

    For what

    • Housing purpose
    • Purchase of vehicles
    • Any purpose other than trading  

Swarna Pradeepa Pawning service

People’s Bank Swarna Pradeepa Pawning service offers you Speedy, reliable and Confidential Service.

Interest rates


New Pawning Scheme

People’s Bank has introduce a new pawning Advance Scheme with immediate effect for customers expecting a higher loan amount per sovereign for a short period.

Gold Content Maximum limit allowable per gold Sovereign Duration
24k Gold biscuit 37,000/- 01 Year
22k Gold Jewellery 35,000/- 01 Year
Carat 22 gold / gold articles Rs. 36,000/- 01 Year
Carat 21 gold / gold articles Rs. 29,000/- 01 Year
Carat 20 gold articles Rs. 26,200/- 01 Year
Carat 19 gold articles Rs. 24,500/- 01 Year
Carat 18 gold articles Rs. 21,800/- 01 Year

Facility of Partly Payment for Pawning

Facility to make partly payment and renewal by payment of interest together with a part of the capital may be allowed only after the expiry of one month from the date of Pawning.

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