Trade Service Department (TSD)

Trade Services Department provides services for many exporters and importers who are aggressively venturing out across the borders. People’s Bank’s network of over 300 correspondents in 103 countries to give their business the global edge with cutting edge technology, commitment, and decades of superior experience in handling high value transactions our staff is fully equipped to enhance customer value. We assist our customers in speedy settlement of international commercial transactions providing safety for the parties involved.

  • Export Services

    • Documentary Checking
    • Documentary Credit Advice
    • Documentary Credit Confirmation
    • Export Documentary Credit Transfers
    • Export Loans in Local & Foreign Currencies
    • Negotiation/Purchase! Discounting of Documents
    • Handling Export Collections
    • Issuing Drafts and remittances against export proceeds at concessionary rates
    • Direct presentation of Documents to overseas Buyers by Sellers
    • Handling of Duty rebates and concessions

  • Import Services

    • Documentary Credits- Standard Letters of
    • Credit - Special Documentary Credit

      • Transferable Documentary Credits
      • Back-to back Documentary Credits
      • Revolving Documentary Credits
      • Red Clause Credits
      • Standby LCs
    • Import Collections DA/DP
    • Post-Import Loans
    • Shipping Guarantees
    • Avalisation of Bills of Exchange

  • Other Services

    • Arrange Foreign Exchange Contracts (Spot! Forward)
    • Attractive exchange rates for exporters and importers
    • Handling Inward/outward Remittances Trade Information on Buyers and Sellers (Status and opinion reports)
    • Trade Advisory Services to minimize the risks involved
    • Safety Locker Facility

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