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We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we have carefully designed our business loans and related services with distinctive features that can provide you with the financing to match your needs. We offer the expertise & individualized solutions for the products you need, and the results you want with People’s Business Loans. Let us take away the hassle of navigating the choice of products by providing the right mix to make and receive payments, manage your cash flow, access lending, and much more. Our business banking units are available to provide support and guidance that will help you manage your day-to-day banking with ease.

For Whom?
  • Citizens of Sri Lanka
  • Entities generating sufficient surplus from business activities
For What?
  • For your working capital requirements
  • Business expansion (Ex; new markets, new products or new services, new delivery channels)
  • To move to new business premises
  • Purchase machinery to keep up with changing technology
  • And any other business purpose
Solutions offered
  • 1) Term Loans

    You can obtain a business loan with flexible and convenient payment schedules ranging from short term, medium term to long term, for any business purpose in sectors such as Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial, and Tourism, etc.

  • 2) Overdrafts

    An extension of credit form when a current account balance reaches zero. An overdraft allows the individual to continue withdrawing money even if the account has no sufficient funds in it up to pre-arranged limit, which can be temporary or permanent.

  • 3) Bank Guarantees

    General Letter of Guarantees, Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, etc. are provided to customers favouring third parties to suit various needs depending on different business sector requirements.

  • 4) Bills Discounting

    Discounting of Bills before its maturity days to meet working capital gaps of customers, by providing instant credit.

  • 5) Cash Margin Facilities

    We consider facilities for any business purpose with the option of fixed loan instalments or to pay back as and when you can, against cash balances in Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits, and Savings Certificates.


Depend on unique customer requirements, purposes and repayment abilities, security offered, with flexible policies to cater your each financial need.

Repayment Period

Flexible repayment period varying with customer needs and purposes, from short-term to medium and long-term.

Interest Rates
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