Tips for Safe Online & Mobile Banking

Peoples bank invests in processes and technologies to secure the electronic environment for our customer’s financial transactions, communications as data transitions. However we recommend you to take necessary steps to protect yourself from attempts to gain your personal information.

If you are a victim of a fraud, contact Peoples Bank immediately.

  • Never click any links or open attachments in emails that request your information or your accounts. Peoples Bank never makes such requests. If a link was clicked accidently, immediately contact us.
  • Make sure that your tablet or Smartphone is always protected with a PIN .Do not reveal it to anybody and make sure it is difficult to guess.
  • Take care not to leave your device unattended or left or stored in an insecure place. It is advisable if you could download a tracking app that will help you to erase your data remotely if required.
  • Make sure you always logout of your banking app or mobile website when you finish using it. For this closing the app or the web page may not be sufficient.
  • Do not use unsecure Wi-Fi networks for banking or checking your emails. It is better to use a 4G or 3G internet connection.
  • Read the bank’s terms and conditions for mobile banking and make sure that you are aware of what your responsibilities are and those of the bank.
  • Do not send or receive personal or account information by unsecure channels
  • Do not share user ID or password with another person.
  • Notify us immediately of unexpected account activity.
  • Set account alerts when using Online Banking.
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