Current Rates

Fixed Deposit Rate - 3 Months

8.33% p.a

Loan Rate - Residential Housing

12.5% - 14.5% p.a

Loan Rate - Personal Loans

12.5% - 14.5% p.a

Pawning Rate

16% - 17% p.a

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People's Bank provides financial counseling and financial support to the Co-operative Movement of Sri Lanka, which consists of open and voluntary members who are working independently under democratic member control, building solidarity among membership, and working with concern for the community placing education, training, and information in the forefront

Sections for which financial facilities are provided
  • Consumer Trading
  • Agriculture and animal husbandry
  • Fisheries activities
  • Industries
  • Special Projects
    • Mini Co-op City
    • Co-op City
    • Mega Co-op City etc
  • Thrift & Credit Societies
Rates of Interest
  • 13.5%-14.5%